Brkić wines nomad October 3, 2022
The cellars of Brkić family are famous for making the finest wines from their own vineyards. The mission of this winery is to make wines in a natural way without additives that may impair the natural quality of the grapes. A wide selection of different Brkić wine brands are made in a completely organic way, by the rules of biodynamic production.

The current owner, Josip Brkić became the youngest winemaker in Bosnia and Herzegovina when he inherited the business in 1989 when he was only 17. Since then, he implemented new production technologies which further increased the quality of the wines. 

Brkić wines are made from authentic local sorts of grapes, Žilavka (white) and Blatina (red). The winery is a popular stop on the Herzegovina wine road and it offers the possibility of wine tastings in a beautiful traditional setting.

Besides wines, this winery makes certain quantities of spirits and liqueurs like grapa, herb-inducedrakija (grapa), walnut, and honey liqueur. 

  • Authentic wine sorts Žilavka and Blatina
  • Organic, biodynamic wine production
  • Wine tasting
  • Over 5000 m2 of vineyards
  • Wine making tradition

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