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Adventure nomad September 30, 2022

Find out about a wide range of sports and activities in this small region. Rafting, canoeing, hiking, cycling, skiing, and snowboarding, as well as climbing, zipline, and paragliding. In Herzegovina, you can do it all.

Rafting and canoeing are some of the most popular water sports in Herzegovina, especially during the warm summer months. Both canoeing and rafting are available on most of the major Herzegovina rivers, however, here are some recommendations for the best experience. 

Neretva river is the perfect white water rafting location. All of the rafting providers offer an exciting experience through white water rapids along the emerald green river, that carved her way between rocky mountains and hills.  A day fun of fun and adventure and active relaxation, stunning scenery as well as tasty local fish delicacies. 

Best locations for rafting are in the Konjic area on the north of Herzegovina, famous for undisturbed nature and crystal-clear water. 

Trebižat and Neretva rivers are the best options for canoeing and canoe safaris. You can also enjoy special canoe safaris and bird watching in Hutovo blato park of nature.  

Canoeing in Herzegovina is a special experience because of the serene nature and majestic landscapes. After the canoeing trip, you can enjoy local delicacies in a beautiful landscape that Herzegovina has to offer. 

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Thanks to its beautiful diverse nature, Herzegovina is perfect forhiking, and taking walks in the nature. All Herzegovina mountains, hills, lakes and nature parks such as Blidinje Nature park have a vast number of marked hikingtrails

When you want to spend an afternoon or a weekend in nature, just pick a location that you like and when you get there, you will find marked trails for hikes or taking lovely walks in nature. 

One thing is guaranteed, wherever you choose to go for a hike, the scenery will be beautiful. 

Herzegovina is a bike friendly destination and cycling is one of the most enjoyable ways to explore this special region. Breathtaking nature and a multitude of bike trails are reason enough for everyone that enjoys cycling to spend some time riding.  

Among numerous Herzegovina bike trails, it’s worth to mention the famous Ćiro trail. What used to be a steam locomotive historic railway takes you from Mostar along the Neretva river all the way towards Dubrovnik in Croatia.

The local Herzegovina bike association made the list of bike trails and parks in Herzegovina that you can explore.

Herzegovina mountains are perfect locations for winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are popular among locals, because of good ski tracks, fantastic climate and breathtaking scenery Herzegovina has to offer. 

(71 km from Mostar, 1hr and 20 minute drive) is the most popular choice for skiing and snowboarding. Situated in the nature park Blidinje, it spreads on the impressive 30.000 square meters full of forests, beautiful scenery and several ski tracks. Show me location.

(25 km from Mostar, 32 minute drive) is a small ski center popular as a weekend destination for Mostar residents. Rujište has beautiful scenery with old pine forests as well as one ski track. Show me location.

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Climbing, ziplining and paragliding are popular adrenalin sports that different locations in Herzegovina have to offer.

One of the best locations for adrenaline sports in Herzegovina is the Adventure park Peć Mlini situated in West Herzegovina. The adrenaline park has two zip-lines, including the longest zip-line in Bosnia and Herzegovina (600 and 450 meters), able to increase speed of over 62 km/h. Peć Mlini is also a famous rock-climbing site with multiple climbing tracks.

The karst terrain gave Herzegovina a variety of rock-climbing locations. One of the major rock-climbing sites that attracts people from all over Europe is Blagaj, next to Mostar. 

Mostar has two zip-line sites: the Fortica hill zip-line takes you through majestic scenery above the city; the Old Bridge zip-line is an urban line that connects two Mostar bridges, Lučki and the world famous Old Bridge.

For those who want to fly freely, paragliding and tandem paragliding are perfect choices. You can find a variety of paragliding options in Mostar and Herzegovina that will let you enjoy the scenery from the above.