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Culture nomad September 28, 2022

Shaped by the centuries of rich history, Herzegovina culture is a specific combination of ancient times remains, European, Oriental, Mediterranean and original local heritage. On top of that, the strong art scene, as well as the vibrant urban culture made this unique region into what it is today.

Herzegovina is full of historic and cultural sights. While it is impossible to mention all of them, we made a list of some of the most important historic landmarks, sights and monuments that are a must see in the region. 

Make sure you visit:

The most famous site in Herzegovina, UNESCO protected single arched bridge over the Neretva river. A masterpiece of Ottoman architecture, built in 16. century. Show me location.

A stunning glass skywalk on the Fortica hill that provides a unique panoramic view on the city of Mostar. The perfect location for enjoying the scenery and taking fantastic photos. Show me location.

Stjepan grad, the old castle above Blagaj, built on a 300 meters high karst hill overlooks the area and once was the centre of power of the Herzegovinian rulers. Show me location.

Historic Sufi monastery built underneath a cliff, next to the spring of Buna river. A cultural and religious monument situated in a breath-taking natural environment. Show me location.

A picturesque historic village, untouched by time. Also called an open-air museum, Počitelj is a national monument of BiH and a must see for everyone that come to Herzegovina. Show me location.

Old tombstone necropolis that is a part of the UNESCO world heritage list and one of the most important mediaeval monuments of the region. Show me location.

Vidoški town, a beautiful medieval fort with stone towers and walls which stands above the modern day Stolac. Show me location.

A majestic fortress on the hill Buturovica above Ljubuški town. This partially restaurated stone fortress used to be a stronghold of Herzegovina rulers. Show me location.

An Orthodoxmonastery built in 15th-century on the remains of a 4th-century Roman church, situated on the outskirts of Trebinje in Eastern Herzegovina. Show me location. 

A famous Trebinje bridge built in the Ottoman period with a series of arches rising over the dreamy river Trebišnjica. Show me location.

Stara Ćuprija, as the locals call it is the masterpiece of the 17. century architecture in Konjic. The old town Konjic grew around the bridge that spans over the Neretva river. Show me location.

is a Roman vila rustica from the early 4. century. Well preserved vila remains make an interesting archaeological monument that testifies about the life in Herzegovina during the Roman empire. Show me location.

Herzegovina is a hub of history, museums and art. During your time in the region, you will encounter a vast number of places that have art collections, little galleries and artisan studios as well as different museums. Just in case, we made a list of several places that are a must see. 

Make sure you visit:

One of the most important and oldests museum in Herzegovina that holds various permanent exhibitions and has several different branches in different buildings across town (literature, history, Old Town…). Show me location.

the oldest museum in the country, established in 1884. holding traces of rich history of the region as well as the famous oldest written document in BiH, “Humac plate” from 12. century. Show me location.

The museum is situated within the Franciscan monastery Rama-Šćit. It depicts the life of the Herzegovinian region Rama inhabitants from the old days. Additionally, museum holds exhibitions of the textile industry and local flora and fauna. Show me location.

This massive atomic bunker used to be Yugoslavia’s top guarded state secret. It is built within the mountain with the purpose of sustaining 350 people in case of nuclear conflict. In recent years, Ark is a magnet for tourists and a place where different art shows and festivals are held. Show me location.

A world class gallery that provides a multidimensional art and culture experience to visitors. Works by Modigliani, Kleint and Metzinger are just a part of over 100 exhibits which include some of the masterpieces of our time. Show me location.

An original Turkish style house with the original setting, representing the way of life of local nobles during the Ottoman era. Show me location.

Locals love to watch a movie from time to time in some of our cinemas. Besides international cinema companies based in Mostar, most of the Herzegovina towns has a little local cinema. It is important to note that all of the foreign movies are subtitled (not synchronized). 

Herzegovina also has two movie festivals (Mostar Film fest and the famous Sarajevo film festival) with open air screenings.

Mostar Cinestar is located in Mepas mall, in the city center. The cinema has a wide selection of new Holywood and other movies. Go to website.

Mostar Cineplex is located in the Shopping mall Plaza, on the south outskirts of the city. It has a wide selection of new movies. Go to website.