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Logistics nomad July 21, 2022

Tourist visa

Bosnia and Herzegovina doesn’t have a specific Digital Nomad Visa, even though it is expected for the legislative bodies to resolve that in the forthcoming future. The stay of Digital Nomads in Bosnia and Herzegovina is regulated the same way as for all foreign citizens, within the existing legal framework.

All information that you need about the entry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the prolonged stay in the country can be found on the official websites: 

The process is very straightforward and relatively simple. The nationals of the EU and members of the Shengen Agreement as well as a number of other countries (check the links above), need a passport or a valid identity card to enter the country. Make sure you visit the links above and make sure what are the requirements for entering BiH for your nationality and what is the maximum length of stay allowed for a certain period. 

Healthcare options

Most of the healthcare institutions in Herzegovina are situated in Mostar. Besides several public hospitals and clinics, there is a wide range of private healthcare options. Prices of the majority of basic health services are very accessible. Comparably low dental work prices made Herzegovina one of the popular “dental tourism” destinations. However, this overview is focused on general healthcare providers.
Several private clinics like Poliklinika Vitalis offer different health coverage options. Make sure to check individual websites to find the service best suited to your needs.   

Public healthcare institutions
Private healthcare institutions
Private Laboratories

Accommodation options

Herzegovina offers a wide range of accommodation options and you should have no problem finding your perfect base. There is a myriad of hotel, motel and hostel options for shorter stays. However, the best option for a longer stay in Herzegovina is renting an apartment.  

A lot of Mostar real estate available for rent is listed on popular platforms like Airbnb and Booking, however we recommend having a look at some of the local platforms like: 

Mostar is relatively small and you can reach almost everything on foot. When you’re looking for your ideal apartment, have in mind that the accommodation prices in the strict town center, especially Old Town are higher compared to other areas. Since Mostar has two public Universities, both situated on adequate locations, town areas around universities usually have lower prices. You can also find a lot of apartments for daily rent (easy to find on the OLX platform under “stan na dan” in local language), averaging at around 25 Euros per day. 

The average rent of a single bedroom apartment is around 200 Euro per month (prices are mostly between 150 and 300 Euro per month for a long-term rental)

The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment is around 250 Euro per month (prices are mostly between 200 and 350 Euro per month for a long-term rental) 

Recommended for you:

Urban transport

The main urban transport means you can use to go around Mostar and Herzegovina are taxi, bus and rent-a-car. Besides these transport options, it is important to note that Mostar is a pedestrian and a bicycle friendly city and you can easily reach where you need to be on foot or by bike.      

Taxi transport

Taxi’s in Mostar are cheap, reliable and easily available. They make the perfect choice for rides around the city. Taxi companies also offer longer distance rides to neighbouring places at a higher price. Price of taxi transport is between 0.50 – 0.75 Euro per 1 kilometer. Here is the overview of the most important Mostar taxi providers and their contacts: 

Bus transport

Mostar has a good public bus transport system with local inter-city rides. Bus tickets are very affordable and the rides are frequent. Find out more at the Mostar Bus website.


One of the most convinient ways to cruise around Herzegovina and the region is to rent a car. Multiple Rent-a-car companies are available. You can find out more about the vehicle choice and the prices on the individual websites. Here are some of our recommendations:   

Local number and mobile internet

One of the major question is definitely connectivity. And Herzegovina has you covered! Getting a local number and your mobile internet package is very easy, cheap and widely available. 

You can buy local number pre-paid SIM cards and charges in most of the tobacconists, gas stations and shops, as well as official sales spots.   

There are three major mobile telecommunications providers (ERONET, MTel and BH Telecom) and each is offering options and packages that you might find interesting during your stay here. All providers are also offering a very good customer support. Some of the options include:    

Emergency telephone numbers



Fire department




Roadside assistance

1282 and 188

Mountain rescue

063 00 11 22 063 11 22 33
124 and ask for MR

Emergency call