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Casa di Campara nomad October 5, 2022
Casa di Campara is a seaside villa like no other. This house displays all the best Herzegovina has to offer, from hand-restored furniture to locally-produced artisan pieces. A weekend getaway location or a chance to work from home surrounded by the nearby sea breeze - Casa di Campara has it all.

Casa di Campara provides its guests with more than just a place to stay – it is an experience many will remember for years to come. Besides the array of activities at the house and around the city of Neum, visitors can experience the concept of a fully shoppable stay. The villa’s many amenities include a hand-crafted display wall presenting the collaboration between Casa di Campara and OREA Bazaar. This wall allows guests an introduction to local artisan brands and their products, in addition to being able to purchase said products.

Is it just a vacation home?

No, far from it! Casa di Campara’s many varying concepts make it the place to be. The house’s two grand terraces serve perfectly as both spots for dinner and offices with a view. The living room areas aren’t only meant for a relaxing cup of coffee and a book – they are also the ideal place for a workshop or a ground-breaking brainstorming session. After a long productive day of working and visiting the sites of Herzegovina’s gem, a long tranquil soak in Casa di Campara’s deep bathtub is precisely what the Doctor ordered! To top it all off, the experience doesn’t have to stay just a memory. Casa di Campara provides its guests with the necessary scenery, props, and atmosphere for the perfect photoshoot. Visitors get to look back on their stay fondly for years to come, and a good Insta pic is always a plus! 

Casa di Campara is the place to change “farewell” to “see you soon” when it comes to the beauties of Herzegovina! 

  • Weekend gateway location
  • Seaside villa
  • Hand restored furniture
  • Locally produced artisan pieces
  • Home offices with a view