Goranci restaurant nomad October 3, 2022
One of the favourite places for locals and guests from all over the world that offers authentic atmosphere of Goranci, a traditional Herzegovinian mountain village (700 meters above sea level) as well as famous local food. Situated in a mountain paradise, only 12 kilometers north from the city of Mostar, Goranci is famous for fresh air, perfectly preserved environment and endless distances merged with the sky.

Goranci restaurant is known for authentic village food made from local ingredients. It is the only place where you can try some of the traditional meals made with carefully preserved recipes from the old times. 

Besides enjoying traditional food and the scenery, Goranci is a hotspot for cycling (numerous marked tracks; bikes available on site), hiking and lovely nature walks. When walking, you will often encounter a pack of friendly wild horses that lives in the area. A nature park is right across the restaurant where you can pet domestic animals and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. 

  • Authentic, traditional food
  • Historic ambiance
  • Beautiful mountain scenery
  • Fantastic walks, hikes and cycling tours
  • A pack of friendly wild horses

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