Mostar Rock School nomad October 4, 2022
MORS association, through its activities, aims to actively contribute to the revival of the urban music scene in Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Using music as a tool, this school connects young people in achieving their common goals, regardless of their background.

It is a place of exchange and cooperation, a platform with a range of support services for young musicians and bands on the rise. Anyone can apply to enter the Mostar Rock School, learn about urban music, and create music on their own or through a band. Numerous musical bands started in Mostar Rock School. 

Rock School also has a studio in which students have the possibility to gain experience in recording their instruments or vocals. It is also a place where future studio technicians can gain valuable experience.

Besides educating young talents and building the urban culture, Mostar Rock School is famous for organising fantastic concerts.  

  • A lot of good music
  • Contribution to the urban culture
  • Openness and positive energy
  • Fantastic concerts
  • Building a better community

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