Grand River Agency nomad October 3, 2022
Grand River Agency from Konjic organises unforgettable tours and rafting on the Neretva river, as well as excursions to the untouched nature of Herzegovina. Also available - hiking, cycling and hostel accommodation in Konjic and Glavatičevo - the pearl of nature in the mountains. You can enjoy a series of different toursto historic and natural sites in Herzegovina and the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. The emphasis is on the tours and adventure in nature.

This agency is creating unforgettable moments and lifelong memories to all customers, for almost 25 years. The goal of the Grand River Agency is the promotion of tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially in the Neretva River Valley.

Safety of rafting and nature tours, as well as a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, are top priorities of the agency.

  • Safe and exciting rafting experience
  • Trips to pristine nature
  • Tours to different nature and historic sites
  • Hostel accommodation in Konjic and Glavatičevo
  • Team building tours

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