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Saša Rosić-Milinković tour guide nomad October 3, 2022
Tour guide Saša with his colleges is the favourite choice for tourists when it comes to Mostar walking tours as well as the increasingly popular Herzegovina tour which takes you through the most important local sites.

This tour guide works with a series of local and international agencies as well as individuals. Regardless of the size of the group (big – small – individual), all provided tours are special. Saša and his colleges are proud to take you on a specific journey through the history and the culture of Mostar and Herzegovina. 

Most popular guided tours that you can enjoy are the Old Town walking tour, the entire Mostar walking tour, and the Herzegovina tour (Mostar – Blagaj – Stolac – Kravice – Počitelj – Mostar). Learn about the local way of life from the talented local guide, ready to share the secrets of Herzegovina.   

  • Old Town walking tour
  • Mostar walking tour
  • Herzegovina tour: Mostar - Blagaj - Stolac - Kravice - Počitelj - Mostar
  • Learning about local history and culture
  • Discovering the sites locals are proud of

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